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LICHTWERKE movie by © Sven Pohl

The unique symbiosis of ...


... the genuineness of analog photography & digitalization

For my LICHTWERKE I edit analog film material with manual techniques & natural materials and then scan these 35 mm unique pieces of art.


I‘m fascinated by the genuineness of photography, the material, the emulsion, the smell, the haptics — all things that no longer exist in digital photography. The LICHTWERKE are a synthesis of analog and digital, serial and individual artwork. There is only one unique original in the form of the processed slide/negative. This is at the same time also the certificate of authenticity and it has value, similar to art.


... the originality of arts & crafts

Since my early childhood I am fascinated by all forms of painting and craftsmanship of real materials and elements of nature. In my academic career in design I spent most of my time developing and editing photos in the darkroom. I was able to unite these original passions for the first time in 2001, when I painted with salt water on negative strips of sea pictures and thus developed the unique technique for the LICHTWERKE.


... the strengh & beauty of nature

For more than ten years I experimented with a wide variety of techniques on analogue film material, producing more than 200 LICHTWERKE. I subsequently traveled to Iceland in 2013 to record and collect the most original forms of nature. In my studio, I have since been processing elements such as sulfur, lava, salt and fire on slides and negatives into luminous works.

In this artistic symbiosis, the LICHTWERKE series “Elemente” reveal never-before-seen dimensions of nature, which shines in its strength and beauty and at the same time appears fragile.

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