A unique synthesis  
of authenticities

For my LICHTWERKE I edit analog film material with manual techniques and nature materials. The processed slide is a certificate of authenticity. I scan these 35 mm unique pieces of art to enlarge them in LED Lightboxes and Alu Dibond/Metal Prints.


fascinated by the singularity of analog photography, attracted by the originality of arts & crafts

In my academic career in communication design with a focus on photography I spent most of my time in the darkroom – and since my early childhood I have additionally loved all forms of painting and craftsmanship of real materials and elements of nature. I always sought to unite these two original passions, which I achieved for the first time in 2001 in an experiment with marine images, reworked with a brush and salt water on negative strips.


inspired by the beauty
of nature & elements

For more than ten years I experimented with a wide variety of techniques on analogue film material, producing more than 200 LICHTWERKE. After completing this experimental phase, I subsequently traveled to Iceland in 2013 to find, record and collect the most original forms of nature.


created on analog film material

In my studio, I have since been processing elements such as sulfur, lava, salt and fire on slides and negatives into luminous works that are able to express the power and beauty of nature to a greater extent and at the same time create new dimensions of nature in the combination of the elements.